Medicinal Plants & Art Workshop ~ Wednesday 26th June

Medicinal Plants & Art Workshop ~ Wednesday 26th June


Join us for an insightful morning with one of Brisbane’s gardening treasures, Kate Wall.

Kate will lead an inspiring discussion into the medicinal world of our favourite common garden plants from using geraniums as bandaids, hair rinses made from hibiscus to curing colds with maidenhair ferns.

Kate will cover approximately 10 common garden favourites with surprising properties. She will inspire you to make the most of all the opportunities your garden gives you.

Kate’s medical plant wisdom will be followed by an art session with local artist Lesley Kendall. Guests will have the opportunity to paint medicinal plants in watercolour and ink to finish off the beautiful morning.

Here’s some of the plants up for discussion with surprising properties -

Violets, violas, pansy, geraniums, marigolds, begonias, hibiscus, impatiens, chrysanthemums, maidenhair fern, snapdragons, gardenia, nasturtiums and roses.

DATE Wednesday, 26th June

TIME 9.30 - 12.30pm

COST $120

Ticket price include all art equipment, plus morning tea. All materials will be supplied.

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