Scorching summers and frosty winters make the perfect olive. They are the exact conditions experienced seasonally at Nunyara, near Inglewood on Queensland’s southern downs. It’s the State’s prime olive growing region for a reason. The right balance of sun, water, aridity and temperature all contribute to the special flavours of their olives. Lake Coolmunda irrigates their crop and gives its name to the products.

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Located in southern Queensland, near Allora, Eggcettera is a family owned property headed up by Tim Somes. They are dedicated to sustainable farming practices and looking after their animals. Along with pastured eggs, they also produce lamb and pork.

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The Farm, located near Mapleton Falls on the luscious Sunshine Coast, is run by Ben and Jess. Green-thumbed and versatile parents Christine, David, Peter and Val and a bevy of smiling farmhands have joined the ride, working towards the common goal of growing quality food while increasing biodiversity of a once-neglected piece of land.

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The Lime Caviar Company, its finger limes and its lime caviar product is the on-going passion of Ian and Margie Douglas. Located in south east Queensland’s stunning Scenic Rim mountains and is a premier grower and supplier of Australia’s native finger limes - the unique and ancient citrus - citrus australasica.

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Little Acre is Brisbane’s only inner-city mushroom farm. They use the latest technology and proven cultivation techniques so their farm can run reliably with the smallest footprint possible, all year round.

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Loop Growers little bio-intensive market garden, just 30km north-west of Brisbane, pumps out a wide range of chemical free,  closed-loop fruit and veg that feeds our growing community of households and local businesses. Whats close-looped about it? Glad you asked – they deal with a wide range of cafes, restaurants, bars and brewers who lovingly provide their excess organic materials (yields) to feed the worms at the farm, and we in return, cycle back the material as fresh produce – Loop Closed Baby!

What we put into our bodies is a reflection of the community that surrounds us.

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9Dorf Farms are a 4th generation family owned business farming in the fertile Lockyer Valley since 1918 and are passionate about sustainable farming, working with and improving the environment, producing ethically raised animals. 

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Located between Ipswich and the Scenic Rim Region in Queensland’s Peak Crossing, tomato growers Troy and Vicki Muller from Peak Veggie Patch produce the freshest and tastiest tomatoes around.

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Located south west of Brisbane in Harrisville, Summer Land Camels have over 550 Australian Camels grazing on their lush native pastures grown in the volcanic mineral rich soil. The sustainable production of Camel Milk and Camel Milk products is their passion and they want customers to experience the richness and beauty of the farm through their products.

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Tommerup's Dairy Farm is a genuine working farm.  Dave, Kay and their children, Harry and Georgia, work together to run the 200 acre family property. Although predominantly a dairy farm operation the farm is now diversifying to become a mixed farm business with their farm direct produce including free range pigs, sheep and goats, yearling beef, open range hens and eggs, fresh farm vegetables and milk fed veal added to their existing dairy herd.

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Valley Pride Produce is a family owned vegetable growing farm located in the beautiful Scenic Rim Region of South East Queensland. The Scholl family are fifth-generation farmers, living and working on the family property in the Fassifern Valley, at the end of a road bearing the family name. The Scholl’s are infamous for their amazing variety of colourful and delicious beetroots.



It is the mission of the co-op to provide a convenient method for consumers to support sustainable, ethical farming and the hard-working farmers who delight in producing it. Choose fresh, quality food grown with farming practices healthy for you, the animals, and the environment. Brought together by a common goal to supply ecologically sustainable and ethically farmed food, The Free-Range Family Co-op farmers supply only the finest products, grown with passion and care.

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